Let me Tell you a little about myself

My name's Richele, but you can call me Ricky. I am a wild, wonderful, WV-based photographer who also loves to travel: no location is too far!

Born and raised in Falling Waters, WV, I currently reside in the Eastern Panhandle of WV with my husband Josh in our farmhouse fixer-upper "Spring Maples." Josh and I met while doing concert photography in the DC/Baltimore area. You'll often spot Josh equipped with a camera, alongside me as we work as a team capturing all your important moments.

Why I Do, What I Do

My home page leads with a quote about photos capturing a moment in time, you'll never have back, and the truth I've found behind that quote gives me chills. You see, the past few years of my life have been filled with sudden, heartbreaking loss.

And while I have a heart and soul filled with memories and even a few saved voicemails,

it's the photos that hit hardest.

As your photographer, I love snapping those moments between you and your loved ones that exist for only that fraction in time. When you look through your albums, I want you to smile, and laugh, and maybe even cry.

Life is crazy; let me help you capture it.